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Keep your home looking spectacular and protect its value when we offer you cleaning for both modern and antique windows, pressure washing for house walls and decks, painting prep & more for all of your exterior surfaces. Get the careful, attentive-to-detail care for your home you expect and deserve.

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Efficient, effective, environmentally friendly & affordable outdoor cleaning for your home!

Maybe you’ve experienced companies who promised the best for your home and gave you only careless work, using cheap detergents & materials and leaving you to find out later that things are even worse than before you hired them!

At Metro City Window Cleaning we offer exactly the opposite. We protect your home with safe products and the kind of cleaning and prep work you can rely on to really care for your home.

Our Services

From vinyl to brick, our team knows how to clean any outdoor surface thoroughly. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect.


Whether you’re tackling spring cleaning, preparing for the holidays, or just tired of looking through dirty windows, we can help!


Power washing is the most effective and efficient way to clean your home’s exterior and safeguard your investment.


Cleaning the gutters is one of those icky chores that needs to be done twice every year to ensure that rain water is away from house


Roof cleaning preserves the life of a roof’s shingles and tiles, removing damaging algae, grime, moss, soot, and restores the color of the roof.

Reliable home improvement services in Metro City

We’ll always strive to meet your expectations and then exceed them!

We appreciate your interest in Window Cleaning Expert! Whether preparing for the holidays, in the midst of spring cleaning, or enhancing the look of your business, let us take this tedious task and make it worry free. From sunrooms, to showrooms, and skylights to storefronts, we do it all.

With more than 18 years experience, we’ve turned window cleaning into an art form. At least that’s what we hear from our more than 20,000 satisfied commercial and residential customers.

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We are fully insured

Only hire window cleaning professionals that carry liability insurance. We carry $2 million for your complete protection.

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