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Metro City Gifts Matter

A Renowned Gifts hub in the HEART of Metro City


We love our job and put our hearts and souls into the Giftts tha we make for you.


The best gifts aren't dime a dozen.We are the only place you can find award.


A portion of each gift box goes to a charitable cause and we love it.

We have the largest selection of Jewellery

Why Do Our Customers Keep Coming Back?

We run business since 2010. We go extra length to satisfy customers. We also offer the best and most lovable gifts from our end.First shipping- usually the same day ensure our clients get the Gifts in time 🙂

“I love the variety of items this shop offers. A little something for everyone and I can’t say enough about the wonderful service.”



“Absolutely wonderful! Gift shop has got everything I need. I STRONGLY recommend Metro City gift shop to everyone! ”



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